Small town police chief getting screwed because he won’t act like a brown-shirt douchebag

Fired for being “too nice”. Husband. Father. Brother. Marine. EMT. Role model. Hero. Second-amendment supporter. Patriot. And even-handed Chief of Police. All traits most towns and cities would love to have in the person at the helm of their law enforcement. But not the liberal town of Barre, Massachusetts. Oh no; these are traits to be scorned, and driven out!  […]

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A Few Simple Truths

A Few Simple Truths **I am far more impressed by how you speak to your grandmother than I am with the brand name tag on your clothing or the kind of car you drive. **The Black Lives Matter Movement is a racist/hate organization. **The democratic party empowers victim-hood and entitlement. **Just because I would not have voted to change the […]

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Our America Still Lives.

Do you ever wake with wonder…”Where has our America gone?” Do you ever wake with trepidation that the heart of who we are has all but vanished? I assure you, Our America still lives…Strong and True. It lives in Me! It lives in my child. It lives in family, neighbors, friends and friends you’ve yet to meet. Our America’s lifeblood […]

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the tool box

A note on the back of an unopened bill. A Grateful Christmas LIFE.

“My son (18 yrs old) is typically still asleep when I leave for work in the darkness. This morning just before I left the house, I hurriedly grabbed an unopened bill on the counter and placed it on the back of toilet tank and wrote him a note on it…….” ____________________________________________________ A Grateful CHRISTmas LIFE. Written by Kerrie Magee uncookedKC […]

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