Faith, Rights, and Tolerance


Should businesses be forced to cater services against their faith?

Should businesses be forced to serve people who ask them to violate their deeply-held beliefs? Does the freedom to practice your religion extend to how you conduct your business? Should Christian-owned businesses- who feel homosexuality is a sin- be made to serve homosexual events against their faith? Should Muslims and Jews be forced to handle pork? Is it okay to ask a black-owned business to cater a KKK rally?

What is “hate” and “hate speech”?

Your rights end at the point they interfere with another person’s rights. You can always take your business elsewhere, to a place that DOES cater to your position. However, the business, once forced to serve you, has no recourse to protect their deeply-held beliefs. They are forced into doing something they find offensive.

When a Jew can’t find Kosher products, instead of demanding them, he starts a Kosher store or deli.

When the Muslims of Dearborn couldn’t find Halal products, they started Halal stores and delis.

When blacks couldn’t find businesses to cater to their culinary or cultural tastes, they started businesses that catered to them.

Homosexuals are free to do the same (and have). And people are free to shop there… or go elsewhere… if homosexuality bothers them.

This simple concept is freedom. It’s liberty. It protects everyone’s rights.


What constitutes “hate” and “hate speech” is entirely a matter of opinion and personal belief. What one person finds offensive, another may not, and a third may be rather neutral on the subject. If a privately-owned business doesn’t share your beliefs and values, you are always free to walk away and shop elsewhere, nonetheless for wear. The business is not; their only recourse is to close their doors or face other dire financial consequences that can have real and lasting effects on the owners of that business. This to me… is hate. Filing lawsuits to force a business to cater to your beliefs another find offensive… is hate. Some more examples of “hate”… can be found on “liberal” hate pages:

From a DailyKos post

And even this coach who remarked about committing arson.

The truth is, this entire Indiana fiasco illustrates that the left is willing to completely ignore the elephant in the room: Selective discrimination.

Because apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable for a Muslim to refuse to make a “gay” wedding cake:

…and acceptable for a gay-owned business to refuse service for a heterosexual event.

Would THIS be acceptable?

Mind you , not all homosexuals are “on board” with this new style of hate. Some have spoken out.

But the left’s tolerance of such hate speech, and incitement of it, has to end. It’s discriminatory, and it’s selective tolerance for hate and hate speech- as long as it suits their needs. So don’t be fooled when they talk about “tolerance” and “eliminating hate speech”.

Thankfully it’s not all bad for the pizzeria,  who never went looking for all this publicity in the first place; a go-fund-me set up for them has netted over $800k in donations so far:

In the end, this particular business will be back, probably stronger than ever.

We as a society must protect sensibility, even if we find someone else’s offensive. That’s liberty. That’s true freedom. In a free-market economy, the public will decide if a business’s practices are “offensive” by sheer sales. If the business is “wrong”, it will go under. If it’s not, it will thrive. It’s simple, fair, and it works. Until tampered with.