Democrats created Ferguson, Baltimore, and more to come.


I’ve said it a million times: The more you subsidize something, the more of it you’ll have. And that’s proven several times over in the case of these protesting idiots in Ferguson, and now Baltimore.

1) If they had to actually work for a living, they’d be too tired to loot, riot, protest, or otherwise make jackasses of themselves.

2) If Democrat policies hadn’t destroyed the traditional family, they’d have fathers there to kick their worthless asses and tell them to stop their bullshit- instead of baby-daddies and sperm donors.


3) If Democrat policies hadn’t subsidized their birth, their mothers would have been too afraid of the repercussions of getting pregnant and being a single mom and the financial repercussions to spend their time making children taxpayers have to support. They’d have perhaps studied, gotten an education, and become successful, productive members of society instead of breeding future felons while collecting Section 8, TANF, EBT, WIC, etc. etc. etc. ad nausea.

Any minority that votes Democrat is shooting themselves- and their future- square in the head. They’re committing mass cultural suicide, and they can’t even see it.

They’re breeding a generation of kids with little or no respect for authority figures. Have you seen all the videos of black youth attacking teachers? No wonder blacks account for 42% of all suspensions, despite being 18% of school-age children. (Dept. of Education).
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If you really want to end this madness, start with your own choices, and stop voting Democrat. Then we’ll start seeing more of this:


And the need for less memes like this: