Liberals: They’re stupid and neurotic.


It’s been said. And we knew it all along, anyways. How else could you possibly explain the stupid things liberals say and do? I mean, who else but a liberal would be dumb enough to think that raising the wages of young, unskilled workers would be a great idea? Or that robbing the wealth of many to increase the wealth of the lazy was a brilliant idea? Or that allowing millions of illegals to cross our borders and get amnesty and benefits would magically make for a better America? 


Who but liberals can preach tolerance and diversity day in and day out, yet be so quick to judge and ridicule anyone with an even slightly different opinion? Who can go from calm to totally freaked out with the mere mention of a name like George Bush, or Ronald Reagan?



And the best part? This comes from the mouths of liberals themselves. I’ve been saying for years that liberalism is a mental disorder, but few have read the proof, that’s been out for quite some time:

(From http://www.salon.com/2012/07/16/conservatism_makes_you_happy/)

First, one striking finding is that conservatives tend to be less neurotic — or, more emotionally stable — than liberals. It is part of the inherent definition of neuroticism that one is less happy — more fretful, more depressed.  Liberals, then, don’t just worry about the poor, and the rights of those different from themselves — it appears that they worry more, period, than conservatives do.

That’s right; liberals worry so much about poor people and rights, that they end up trampling on poor people and rights. Self-serving prophesies and an agenda only the mentally deficient could understand.

Although it has a smaller effect, conservatives also tend toward more extraversion in some personality studies. That means they probably make more friends and feel more comfortable in groups and communities. They’re more sociable. Once again, this probably helps confer a subjective sense of greater happiness.

Yes, we know. Conservatives are more outgoing, and can get along- even with people of differing opinions. As has been demonstrated MANY times, liberals have no such capability to interact with any opinion that varies from their own.

But perhaps most significant, personality research shows that conservatives tend to be less open, exploratory people than liberals are. Indeed, based on a large body of research by University of Maryland social psychologist Arie Kruglanski, conservatives tend to have a higher “need for cognitive closure,” meaning that they are uncomfortable with ambiguity and prefer to seize on and hold fixed beliefs and views. And if you think being more closed-minded makes you less happy … well, think again. Instead, it appears that the relationship runs in the opposite direction.

Absolutely. We believe in FACTS, not conjecture, speculation, or hypothetical bullshit spewed by libtards. It pays to be a thinker. Evolution proves this out. Unfortunately, modern libtardation is seeking to destroy skills humans have acquired through the past 250,000 years. Only now, instead of simply being eaten by sabre-tooth tigers bettering the gene pool, they’re allowed to thrive. And breed. And vote.