Years of failure in Baltimore schools… Must be the new governor’s fault? Because Liberalism.


So this meme above came across my feed, along with the links below:

Schools: http://bsun.md/1bTf3Fj
Jail: http://bsun.md/1EFzCNE

So of course it’s all the new Republican governor Hogan’s fault Baltimore schools are in the toilet, because the previous Democrat governor couldn’t possible have had a hand in it, right?

Look who he inherited the mess from- pretty sure Maryland schools didn’t go to shit in five months:


But hey, maybe they have a point. Maybe $11.6 million is a HUGE boost to the school budget, right?

Let’s check:

Baltimore City Schools Annual Budget

Oops… Maybe not. They conveniently skip over the fact that the annual budget is over $1.3 BILLION!!


From the Sun: “Hogan accused the teachers union of launching “a heavily financed smear campaign” against him.”

Could that be true?

Well, the teachers sure are making out pretty good in Baltimore schools, aren’t they? Look at the increase in their salaries over the last three years:


That’s like… nearly a $50 million increase!

Are the students making out that good? Let’s check:


Hmmm. Looks like that’s a big fat NO.

But is their spending out of line?

The Baltimore school system ranked second among the nation’s 100 largest school districts in how much it spent per pupil in fiscal year 2011, according to data released Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Wow. So surely for THAT amount of expenditure, they must have great graduation rates, right?


Damn. I guess it just doesn’t pay to leave Democrats in charge, does it?

Liberalism… is a MENTAL disorder. Period.