Should college be free?


This meme above came across my Facebook feed this morning. It references this article, quoting self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.

The more you subsidize something, the more of it you’ll have- including cost.

Student loans and Pell grants ensure colleges a steady stream of young minds to sell useless courses like African studies and liberal arts to. It’s no skin off their nose if the student can’t pay back the loan later; they have their money already guaranteed by the taxpayer whether there’s an actual market for people with those degrees or not.

And there’s not much in the way of free market competition to drive tuition costs down, either. Cookie-cutter diplomas only devalues the college degree further.



Of course, the taxpayer will once again foot the bill for something parents and/or the student should be providing themselves, if they’re really motivated.

If you really want to see tuition go down, stop subsidizing it. Make colleges compete for students with low tuition in courses that can actually land jobs. More socialism isn’t going to fix the problem, Democrats!