When will enough be enough?



The race card being thrown out. The black-on-white violence. The President making remarks about “if I had a son”, and being silent while white Americans die.

Two reporters were gunned down in VA today live on the air by this asshole (center):





When will it end?

There’s simply NO justification for this, no matter what.


To be brazen enough to actually record yourself committing capital murder is a whole new level of fucked-up:


All of this because someone allegedly said some “racist” shit to you?





Only in Obama’s America can this be created. YOU built this, Democrats. Congratulations.

At least he saved us the cost of a trial. As America’s Freedom Fighters reports, the libtards will use this as an example of guns being the problem, not their libtarded policies.

Rest in peace Alison and Adam. We won’t forget you.


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