The Neighbor on ‘THE LEFT’


The Neighbor on the ‘LEFT’
Written by:Kerrie

Have you ever known someone to share a common space with their neighbor? Or a common driveway?
Well, let’s imagine a common driveway between two houses…let’s imagine the driveway is fairly oversized.
Maybe about 40 feet wide.
You have a neighbor on your ‘LEFT’ and you are the neighbor on the RIGHT.
Now, some people keep all kinds of things in their driveways, not just cars.
Let’s imagine that on his part of the driveway, your neighbor on the left keeps a few bicycles.
A door he is painting.
A few cans of paint.
And three cars.
And you, the neighbor on the Right, have your TWO cars.
Over a period of time, your neighbor on the left takes an inch here and an inch there…very slowly,
so subtly in fact, that you don’t even notice it really.
Over several years, the neighbor on the left adds more and more things that are important to him and his family.
His lawnmower, a wheel barrel, a dog crate and some lawn furniture.
And he grows to have more and more ideas for personal projects… so he has added a workbench.

Slowly over an extended period of time, your neighbor on the left has infringed on your space.
It becomes less and less easy for you to pull your cars into your driveway without concern that you may bump some of his things. You do notice that he is taking up what is YOUR space, BUT you figure, you only have the two cars so you wouldn’t mind just being more careful so that you can keep the peace with your neighbor.
One day when you are pulling your car into your driveway, you see your neighbor outside working on another project.
You pull in safely, but you see your neighbor give you the eyeball like YOU are getting too close to his things.
You find yourself being more and more careful every time you pull your car into the driveway because there are more and more things of importance to him there all the time. You begin to resent this a bit, but you haven’t yet said anything.

Then one day, you pull up to your house and you realize that there is no room for you to park your car in the driveway anymore…
your neighbor on the left has added two more things to the common space… he has added a TANK…and a sign.

In this story, think about your right to be politically incorrect and your right to not be ‘politically coerced’ as your car.
Your car, rather than a mode of transportation in this story, is your MODE of COMMUNICATION…
Your vessel to exercise your freedoms and your right of thought.
Popular or Not.

And each added item your neighbor on the left has added to the common driveway represents
all the endless sensitivities that as a culture we are forced to adopt as our own.
Whether we value it or not.
At first, it didn’t seem unreasonable to a cooperative mind,
until we came home to a sign in the front yard that told us to park our car (our freedom of speech)
onto the street rather than in our own driveway.

And the TANK represents the FORCE of the masses.
The unearned sense of responsibility forced on us.
The slow coercion into a subservient language of political correctness.

As for me, I don’t drive a tank.
I drive one simple car, it might not be much, but I’m not going to apologize for it
and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna park it on the street.
God Bless America. – kerrie