My Conscious Promise to be Angry

Righteous Anger
Written by: KCKerrie Magee

“Wow! I knew you were conservative but not that conservative! And I knew you had a little anger in you, but not that much!”

My friend Tom. A friend I have immense regard for. Deep caring and relevant sharing exists between us. But somewhat infrequent ‘in person’ interactions. More texting and quick phone calls.
The other day, I shared my blog address with Tom during a quick six minute, in person conversation. Later that day, I received a text from Tom complimenting me on my writing skills. Then, the very next day I posted more to the blog, which apparently Tom read. I then got another text from him.
He wrote:
“Wow. I knew you were conservative but not THAT conservative! And I knew you had a little anger in you, but not that much!”

Though surprised by his wording, in no way did I think he was trying to offend me. If you knew this man you would know the mutual intellectual respect we have for each other. So although his words did enlighten me a bit as to how others may experience my writings, even more importantly, his text taught me that some people don’t let it in enough to be angry! Or, they are too afraid of their own anger or they don’t see this as a righteous anger.
It’s a righteous anger.

Imagine if you will, a mama bear and a baby bear walking the valley on the side of a slow-moving stream, when a cougar appears on the hill. The cougar begins to charge the baby bear. In a risky attempt to protect her cub, the mama bear pushes the cub into the moving stream. The mama bear fights the cougar for several minutes while her cub is very slowly moving down the stream toward the waterfalls edge. The longer the mama bear spends fighting the cougar, the closer her cub is getting to the edge of the falls. The mama bear is battling against both the cougar and against Time.
Depleted and yet determined… eventually the mama bear wounds the cougar enough that the cougar retreats. The mama bear… tired and injured, runs down the edge of the stream to race to save her cub.
Right at the edge of the falls she finds her cub tangled up in some dead branches and debris . The mama bear is able to reach in the stream and pull her laboring cub to safety.

As American Patriots and as citizens of this country, our anger isn’t just anger for the sake of anger. It is a righteous anger.
It is the obligation of the mama bear to protect her cub. It is her duty and her instinct. As for me personally, I have both a cub and a country to be protective of.
In this particular story…Even the cougar himself is simply being instinctual. Just as the mama bear is. And in this story the cougar is as native to the valley as the mama bear is. He belongs there.
However…in our reality, the cougars that we are fighting are NOT native to the valley and they do NOT belong here. And they are not willing to share the valley or EVER retreat. Worst of all…our government (the protectors of the valley) either invited the cougars, allow the cougars… Or are the cougars themselves!

So yes, dear Tom. Yes. It is my conscious promise to be ‘angry’.
Loyal. Obedient and Earnest.
I AM angry.
Aren’t you?

God bless America!