desecrated headstone cemetary

WE the Family are also WE THE PEOPLE.

desecrated headstone cemetary

How Liberals are desecrating our America.

I have tried to come up with a way to describe how MY GUT experiences some of the Liberal organized objectives. I have never been able to do this accurately enough.
I have seen perhaps many thousands of meme’s, writings and articles that describe liberal thinking in one way or another (as described by both liberals and conservatives) and it was always only partly enough, but it still wasn’t as EGREGIOUS as I experience it.

Allow me to say that my intention is not to CREATE a divide between myself and liberals.
I don’t WANT a divide. I want All Americans to share at least, fairly similar values and goals.
Especially now.
But sometimes, the GRAVITY of the divide is already so Great that it cannot be overlooked.

This is the best way that I have come up with to describe how I experience some of the differences
and just why it pains me so deeply:

Imagine a 20 year old kid going into a cemetery.
Walking around kicking and desecrating headstones.
These headstones represent PEOPLE of course… BUT
you could just as easily imagine that these headstones represent so many things.
Not just people but…
Values. Traditions. Integrity. Trial. Wars. Christianity. Sacrifices made by American Patriots and Whole Families.

An invaluable history. Earned for us through struggle and great sacrifice… IF we can KEEP IT!!
Much of what this ignorant young man is desecrating will not and cannot be repaired.
It is shameful. Sinful.

There is no DIFFERENCE OF OPINION between us that I can come to, in meeting some of you in the middle.
The divide is too great.
The offense too indefensible.

The older the headstone that is being desecrated the more it saddens me. It saddens me even more because with a very old stone the deceased have NO LIVING RELATIVES who remember them
and therefore know enough to attempt to repair the damage done by this cowardly act.

Well, allow me to say T H I S…

I AM the living relative.
I AM… and so are my hundreds of personal Patriot friends…and THEIR Patriot friends and family…multiplying to 10’s of thousands, millions even.
WE Are the Family of that which you are desecrating.
The Values. Traditions. Trials. Wars. Christianity and of course the Patriots passed.
And WE care enough to attempt to repair that which you are destroying.

I WANT to find a common ground, but the GROUND that you are standing on
and the stone which you are kicking the face of,
belongs to immeasurable sacred things.
Please know that WE The Family are also, WE THE PEOPLE, and WE… are pissed off!

God Bless America…