Small town police chief getting screwed because he won’t act like a brown-shirt douchebag

Fired for being “too nice”. Husband. Father. Brother. Marine. EMT. Role model. Hero. Second-amendment supporter. Patriot. And even-handed Chief of Police. All traits most towns and cities would love to have in the person at the helm of their law enforcement. But not the liberal town of Barre, Massachusetts. Oh no; these are traits to be scorned, and driven out!  […]

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Should college be free?

This meme above came across my Facebook feed this morning. It references this article, quoting self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. The more you subsidize something, the more of it you’ll have- including cost. Student loans and Pell grants ensure colleges a steady stream of young minds to sell useless courses like African studies and liberal arts to. It’s no skin off […]

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Years of failure in Baltimore schools… Must be the new governor’s fault? Because Liberalism.

So this meme above came across my feed, along with the links below: Schools: Jail: So of course it’s all the new Republican governor Hogan’s fault Baltimore schools are in the toilet, because the previous Democrat governor couldn’t possible have had a hand in it, right? Look who he inherited the mess from- pretty sure Maryland schools didn’t […]

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